Cybership’s first flight

I had been planning on starting my blog for quite some time now. A strong need had been silently growing to share my thoughts and experiences. But until now, I had found no time to do so and I was confused about the topics and concepts I wanted to write about. I felt my brain sitting in a word freezer.

Then, something happened that broke through the ice. I was asked to write an essay about my work history. Something that should have been straightforward became a daunting task. There was a restriction to keep it down to 500 words. All my experiences, thoughts, challenges and successes had to be reduced to under one page.

At first, I thought it would be easy. I was working in an airplane; I had plenty of battery and a long flight ahead. I started by writing my life history in a chronological order. My plan was to then summarize it into a final document. I started typing away while I sipped my apple juice and listened to some new age music.

After a few refills I checked the word count. I was shocked. I had already written over two thousand words and I was nowhere near the end. I realized I would never finish it if I were to continue down that path.

I decided to start all over again. I had no particular plan but knew I should focus on those things that were important to me. Words started to flow from experience instead of trying to explain why or how. It was all structured effortlessly. It was almost magical. And when I finished and read through it, I was amazed to discover that I felt it needed no changes. It was good to go.

That essay lit the fire I needed to get started writing my blog. I decided to write about my experiences and not about theory. I also decided to write about what is really important to me and not about specific topics.

Today my cybership takes off. My destination is unknown, but my mission clear. Welcome aboard.

One Response to Cybership’s first flight

  1. Cathy Vijeh says:

    Victor – Glad to see you blogging. I remember having a very intense conversation about this with you awhile back. Now I don’t have to wait until I run into you in various global locations to pick your entrpreneurial brain. Full speed ahead mi amigo!

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